Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Swagbucks October Earnings Summary!


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When I wrote my Swagbucks Goal Reached post, I also wrote that I had another goal for the month of October. And guess what!

I reached it! I got the Paypal Gift Card in the month of October. Here is the proof:

I used the Paypal gift card by putting it through my income budget process. I split the income up into a few different places that the money needed to go.

So my Total Earnings for October was $50
  • I redeemed for 5 $5 Amazon Gift Cards - Totaling $25
    • Spent 2,250 Swagbucks
  • I redeemed for 1 $25 Paypal Gift Card - Totaling $25
  • Total Swagbucks Earnings in October $50
    • Up $25 from September (Earned $25 in September)
Now I move onto November. So I will have my Swagbucks November Goal Post coming in the next few days.

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