Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Swagbucks October Earnings Summary!


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When I wrote my Swagbucks Goal Reached post, I also wrote that I had another goal for the month of October. And guess what!

I reached it! I got the Paypal Gift Card in the month of October. Here is the proof:

I used the Paypal gift card by putting it through my income budget process. I split the income up into a few different places that the money needed to go.

So my Total Earnings for October was $50
  • I redeemed for 5 $5 Amazon Gift Cards - Totaling $25
    • Spent 2,250 Swagbucks
  • I redeemed for 1 $25 Paypal Gift Card - Totaling $25
  • Total Swagbucks Earnings in October $50
    • Up $25 from September (Earned $25 in September)
Now I move onto November. So I will have my Swagbucks November Goal Post coming in the next few days.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Why Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

Hello Readers,
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I have been mentioning how I've been spending my Swagbucks to buy Amazon Gift Cards. But I realized that you may be wondering why I've chosen Amazon Gift Cards. And there is really a simple explanation. They are cheap. They are the best valued gift card in the Swag Store.

Now, there are other gift cards that are a better value. But those are what I would consider not-real gift cards. The stores might be sketchy or just useless to me. But Amazon Gift Cards have great value. The $5 Amazon Gift Cards are 450 Swagbucks. When you divide that all out, it means that each Swagbuck is more then a cent. That's pretty good considering how easy it is to make each Swagbuck.

It's also cheaper to buy through Amazon then to redeem for a prize in the store usually. So redeeming for the Amazon Gift Cards is the best way to make money through Swagbucks. That's obviously my opinion and may not be what other people think. But it's the way I've earned my money on Swagbucks.

Any other amount of Amazon Gift Card is the usual 1 Swagbuck = 1 Cent of the Gift Card. So the $5 Amazon Gift Card is the only one I'm interested in. After that I choose Paypal because I can end up transferring that money to my bank account and earning interest on it. Plus that money can go towards my Student Loans that I'm in the process of paying back. Trying to minimize the damage while I'm still in school.

I hope you found this post useful! Please leave your feedback or anything you might want to know about Swagbucks. Ask me in the comments section below! Thanks and Happy Earnings!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

October Goal Reached! 5 Amazon Gift Cards!

Hello Readers!

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I mentioned my goal in an earlier post which was that I want to redeem five $5 gift cards on Swagbucks per month. And you know what? I've already completed it for this month! Here are the payment proofs:

Swagbucks Amazon Gift Card Redemption

Swagbucks Amazon Gift Card Redemption

Swagbucks Amazon Gift Card Redemption

Swagbucks Amazon Gift Card Redemption

Swagbucks Amazon Gift Card Redemption
They've all been redeemed so don't waste your time copying them into Amazon. But I mean it's amazing. And just today I got myself in position to order 5 more in the beginning of next month. So I've decided to keep working towards a new goal for October!

My new goal is buying a Paypal Gift Card still with the amount necessary to buy the 5 Amazon Gift Cards for next month. That amount is 2,250 Swagbucks. Which means I will need 4,750 Swagbucks before the end of the month. I'm on pace, but I have to stay consistent and keep working at it.

Listen, I know $25 isn't a lot, but it was so easy! So if you are thinking about signing up for Swagbucks, please go through my link. I really appreciate it. The Paypal Gift card is going towards savings and college loans. Unfortunately that's what I need to put all of the money towards. But we all have our expenses.

Hope everything goes well! Tell me your financial goals (Swagbucks or otherwise). Even if you never use Swagbucks. Hearing other people's goals really inspires me! I'd love to hear what you have to say!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting Five $5 Amazon Gift Cards per Month

That is my goal at the moment. I'm trying to be able to get the maximum amount of $5 Amazon Gift Cards per month which is five. I'm doing this in order to buy textbooks on Amazon "for free". By getting all of the money through Swagbucks instead of through my bank account. When I am going over my personal finance, I don't include the income that I make online. So therefore the amount of money I have when I need to buy textbooks (or other essentials) on Amazon that I've gotten through Swagbucks is a way to save myself money.

I have successfully completed this goal for September. And the best part about it is that I already have more then enough Swagbucks to buy 5 Amazon Gift Cards in October. It's awesome to have that much already! I'm hoping to be able to get my next 2,250 swagbucks as soon as possible during the month. My plan for the excess Swagbucks is to try to save up for a $25 Paypal Gift Card with costs 2,500 swagbucks. So I will use any extra Swagbucks per month to go towards getting that.

The Paypal gift cards allow me to get money to put into my bank account which would add to the money I actually count in my personal finance. It's what I consider real money and it can be used anywhere, not just Amazon. Which means that it could go towards the student loans that I need to pay off.

The more I make on Swagbucks, the easier and faster I will find myself in a financially free situation.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Creating the Swagbucks Business Model

I have been a member of Swagbucks since 2009. Since then I have accumulated over $275 in gift cards. This is while I have spent time on blogs, social media marketing, and other ventures. It's quite a bit considering the time. I have been earning at least $25 a month for the past couple months though and have turned into more of a steady stream of income for myself.

I have started to focus on getting to the daily goal each day and, in doing so, I get the bonuses associated with getting to the goal. It's usually around 70-100 Swagbucks per day. And I get there by doing the following:

  • Watching Swagbucks TV
  • Searching throughout the day
  • Doing the Daily Poll, NOSO, and logging onto the toolbar
  • Playing the Swagbucks Games
  • And completing Activities
By doing those tasks I can usually easily get to the daily goal. Sometimes I will go beyond. And for September I've maxed out the amount of $5 Amazon Gift Cards I can get (the max is 5 Gift Cards or $25 worth). And I have enough Swagbucks to get 2 more (and almost a third!). So September has been a huge month for earning on Swagbucks.

As a college student I have been getting the Amazon Gift Cards which I plan to use to get my textbooks for school. So I'm saving myself a ton of money. I also plan to start getting Paypal Gift Cards when I'm maxed out in Amazon Gift Cards and can get up to the 2,500 Swagbucks necessary to get the smalled value Paypal Gift Card at $25. That will help pad my bank accounts and possibly help me pay off some of my college loans.