Monday, October 14, 2013

Why Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

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I have been mentioning how I've been spending my Swagbucks to buy Amazon Gift Cards. But I realized that you may be wondering why I've chosen Amazon Gift Cards. And there is really a simple explanation. They are cheap. They are the best valued gift card in the Swag Store.

Now, there are other gift cards that are a better value. But those are what I would consider not-real gift cards. The stores might be sketchy or just useless to me. But Amazon Gift Cards have great value. The $5 Amazon Gift Cards are 450 Swagbucks. When you divide that all out, it means that each Swagbuck is more then a cent. That's pretty good considering how easy it is to make each Swagbuck.

It's also cheaper to buy through Amazon then to redeem for a prize in the store usually. So redeeming for the Amazon Gift Cards is the best way to make money through Swagbucks. That's obviously my opinion and may not be what other people think. But it's the way I've earned my money on Swagbucks.

Any other amount of Amazon Gift Card is the usual 1 Swagbuck = 1 Cent of the Gift Card. So the $5 Amazon Gift Card is the only one I'm interested in. After that I choose Paypal because I can end up transferring that money to my bank account and earning interest on it. Plus that money can go towards my Student Loans that I'm in the process of paying back. Trying to minimize the damage while I'm still in school.

I hope you found this post useful! Please leave your feedback or anything you might want to know about Swagbucks. Ask me in the comments section below! Thanks and Happy Earnings!

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  1. I used Swagbucks and I have to say its so slow. After struggling, I found another website similar and got right on. Luckily, I have over $600 and I had no regrets at all. Just easy polls, answering questions was all I had to do. Comparing both I was amazed of how much I made. Try it and good luck

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